About Us

What is webtodoweb.com?

Webtodoweb.com is an online platform established in early 2023, dedicated to offering solutions for a wide array of problems through mathematical modeling. Our platform features over 230 calculators and 155 converters, along with 16 randomizers, all crafted in-house. These tools cater to practical, educational, and research needs, assisting users with tasks ranging from measurements to complex calculations.

While our calculators are internally developed to ensure accuracy, certain converters, like currency converters, may utilize external databases, affecting their precision to some extent. However, rest assured that our random number generator undergoes rigorous testing to ensure statistical unbiasedness.

Who We Are

Our team, located in Africa and affiliated with SILICON WAVE TECH, a company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, comprises experts in web development, mathematics, and statistics. Led by an individual deeply involved in the online analytics and A/B testing community, we strive to provide specialized tools for analytical purposes. With experience authoring a book on statistical methods and delivering lectures on various statistical topics, our team is committed to delivering reliable and insightful solutions to our users.